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Our companies ensure professionals have the right knowledge, data, and information to succeed.

Delivering intelligence in four ways

Strategic research and management consultancy.
The leading information platform for the coffee industry.
One of the UK’s go-to consumer insight agencies.
Creating inspiring lifestyle books, guides and gifts.
Allegra Strategies provides companies with valuable insight, analysis and strategic recommendations to help them respond to fast-evolving business
With over 20 years of experience, World Coffee Portal is a global network of coffee professionals producing unparalleled insight into the branded coffee chain market.
Allegra Insights provides in-depth quality market research covering consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviours across a broad range of specialist sectors. At the heart of Allegra Insights is one of the largest online consumer panels in the UK. It is a nationally representative sample of over 200,000 UK
Allegra Publishing began creating books to share the team’s passions with the rest of the world (and hopefully take people to exciting places they’ve never been before)

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